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A MAN who has devoted his career to caring for others is now taking on a new caring role: looking after the pets of Broxbourne.

Jon King, 41, of Winford Drive, has been helping people to live independently in their own homes since leaving school. But now the animal lover wants to turn his expertise towards the borough’s pets and is launching his new business Pet Sitting Broxbourne this week.

As a young child Jon’s family had guinea pigs, but it was when his father bought ten year old Jon a kitten for his birthday that he realised how passionate he was about animals.

“That is one of my best memories,” Jon said, “I called him Dixie and he lived for 17 and a half years. I just love animals and the way that they love you unconditionally back. I have two cats now, but as well as the guinea pigs, I’ve also had dogs and I care for my friend’s corn snake whenever he goes on holiday.”

Even when Jon takes a well deserved break, he has found himself befriending animals abroad.

“I’ve got pictures of me with cats sitting on my lap while we were staying at an apartment in Turkey. They were the local cats in the area, I gave them a bit of food and they became our friends for the holiday,” Jon recalls.

Jon will now be using his love of animals and experience in the care industry in his new business. Pet Sitting Broxbourne will be providing a whole range of services including small animal feeding, dog walking, puppy sitting, pet let outs, pet-to-vet taxi as well as small animal boarding at Jon’s home, which he shares with his mum Gill.

He plans to take the local dogs on walks inside Lee Valley Regional Park, which is a stone’s throw away from his home, as well as Barclay Park in Hoddesdon, which has Green Flag status.

Talking about his new career Jon said: “I’m used to going into people’s homes, being discreet and respectful of their environment. I really enjoy looking after people and I know it will be the same with my client’s pets whether they are the traditional rabbits, cats or dogs as well as the more unique pets like spiders, reptiles and insects.

“I will care for their animals as if they are my own. That’s what I would expect someone to do for me and my pets if I was going on holiday or working long hours in central London.”